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Does Your Home Have a Slab Leak?

The copper pipes that go under your home’s slab and foundation can sometimes develop pinhole leaks. Slab leak detection can be particularly difficult, since these leaks can occur long before homeowners will notice anything unusual. However, there are some indicators that it’s time to call for plumbing services near Orange County. A slab leak may be indicated by an unusually warm temperature in a certain area of your flooring. When this occurs, the emergency plumber will likely find that the leak is affecting a hot water pipe. Similarly, a certain area of your flooring might become warped or feel “spongy” when you walk on it.

Another way to detect a slab leak is by listening for unusual noises in the walls. If you hear gurgling sounds even when no one in the home is using water, you could have a leak. You might also receive abnormally high water bills despite your moderate water usage or you might discover mold and mildew growth on your floors and baseboards.

Water Leaking From Old Rusty Water Supply Pipe


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